3 reasons to have a night light for children

A night light is the ideal accessory to create a cosy atmosphere for your little ones to fall asleep easily. We've listed 3 features of night lamps, why kids love them and how parents can find them useful too!


1. Night lamp against fear

Let's be honest - no matter how much we try to convince toddlers not to be afraid of it - the dark can be quite scary. Of course, fear is completely unnecessary, but in the night-time atmosphere, children's imaginations run wild even more quickly, and in the dark, children can imagine many scary creatures that anyone would be afraid of! The charm of a night lamp is surely that it relaxes the child, helps them to fall asleep and gives them a feeling of security that makes it easier for them to sink into sweet dreams.


2. A cosy ambience that invites one to sleep

The leap from a bright living room (possibly with the TV on) to a dark bedroom (where a toddler is supposed to fall asleep at once) is huge. In fact, it can even seem punitive. There is a big difference in the two environments, so it helps to have a night light in the bedroom with a pleasant glow - preferably a warm yellow or red colour - to help your child transition from a lively mood to a deep sleep.


3. Waking up in the middle of the night is less disturbing

When a child wakes up in the middle of the night, the discreet light of a nightlight provides comfort, as the light is just right for orientation (for example, if he is already going to the toilet on his own) and not too strong to wake him up completely. In such cases, the nightlight is also helpful for parents who get up at night to feed or change their baby. The discreet light of the nightlight makes it clear that it is a short task, after which it is not time to get up.




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