3 exercises to stimulate the baby's motor development

The baby years are full of challenges. Their development is taking place at lightning speed in plenty of areas at the same time. Today we've chosen 3 exercises by period that stimulate babies' motor development by strengthening muscles - helping babies to turn faster, hold their head upright, crawl and walk. Plus, exercise helps them sleep better and feel in a better mood!


0 - 3 months: CYCLING

This exercise is great for strengthening baby's legs, hips, knees and abdominal muscles, and is a great natural method for encouraging the winds that make them tense to let go.

The baby should lie on his back while you hold his legs and move them so that he is circling as if he were cycling. You can do this exercise by rounding the legs a couple of times, pausing briefly and repeating until the baby shows interest by laughing, kicking or making eye contact.   


3 - 6 months: COUCOU

Babies lie on their backs most of the time. By turning them onto their tummies, we encourage the development of the muscles in their backs, necks, arms and shoulders.

You can do this exercise with your baby lying on their tummy on a play mat or on your chest while you are lying down. The baby will raise its head so that it can look at your face. You can further stimulate his interest by lifting your own head to your baby - it will be a workout for both of you!


6 - 9 months: FIRST SALTO

The head-down, feet-up position encourages baby's balance. By turning upside down more often, toddlers will become more used to different head positions, which is also good against seasickness.

In this exercise, you can turn your baby freely around your body, standing, sitting or lying down. Do not be too fast with the exercise, talk to your baby during the exercise and let them respond to the fun.



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