5 facts about moccasins that will make you fall in love with them

In a previous post, we wrote about the reasons why babies love comforters. Today, we're going to look at the facts about mini moccasins that will make you want to get a pair for yourself. Well, you'll have to peek into another shop for yourself, but we've got the best footwear for your little ones. 

We've put together 5 facts about moccasins that are sure to convince you.

Mokasinke Minimellows

Minimellows moccasins are:

1. Extremely soft. Made from baby-safe 100% EU certified leather, the Minimellows moccasins are extremely soft, including the sole. You will know that paediatricians recommend walking barefoot as much as possible for the proper development of your baby's brain. So when choosing the first footwear for babies, it should also be as close to barefoot as possible; the sole of the slipper or shoe should be as soft as a second skin. Moccasins are ideal because they are completely flexible, do not have a hard arch and can easily be bent in the palm of the hand. In addition, they offer enough room for the little toes to still be able to move freely. 
2. Very breathable. They are made of natural materials to ensure that the foot still breathes. Children are most active between the ages of one and five - first they walk, and then soon they are running, jumping, spinning, flapping and dancing. All this causes increased foot perspiration, so it's vital that footwear is breathable.
3. Handmade in Slovenia. Each pair of moccasins is the result of a collaboration with the Slovenian brand Mia & Mika, which won bronze for the slippers at this year's Junior Design Awards, one of the most prestigious awards in the children's sector. We use vegetable-dyed, chrome-free leather. We proudly guarantee our proven quality.
4. Comfortable and yet fashionable. Often the design of the shoe suffers for the sake of comfort or vice versa. In our case, however, utility and beauty go hand in hand. Moccasins have the attributes of the softest slipper, but at the same time the look of an extremely fashionable children's shoe. Hit the spot, right?
5. Adapted to little feet and practical. The moccasins have a handy elasticated band on the instep that stretches out nicely to make them easy to slip on your baby's foot. Thanks to this elastic, they don't slip off during play and walking, but stay on the foot. They are suitable for newborns, for babies who will take their first steps any time now and for toddlers who are already walking confidently. They are durable, suitable for both indoor and outdoor conditions (except rain).

Bronasto priznanje na Junior Design Awards

Mokasinke Minimellows

Have we convinced you? Now all you have to do is choose one of the six designs and order it to be with you on time. If you're giving the moccasins as a gift, you can combine them with a matching comforter to make a perfect baby gift pack. Available for babies from 0 months to 8 years (inner sole size 12 cm - 22 cm). 

Mokasinke Minimellows - darilo

When the child outgrows the moccasins, their durability will make them a wonderful memento of the child's earliest years.