5 fun games in the snow

When it's cold outside, it's tempting to spend the day at home in the warmth. It's true that the view of the snowy countryside is beautiful just watching, but for the ultimate winter experience, it's worth dressing well and getting out - in the snow! Here are 5 fun games to help you and your little ones love the magic of snow and outdoor winter games.



Snowball fights and making snowmen are classics of the winter games. But try making an upside-down snowman - it's a very simple and funny twist on snowmen as we know them! Don't forget to take the opportunity to get creative with the snowman's legs - now that he's upside down, he may have more than two legs sticking out or holding them in splits... be creative!



In this game, the person at the head of the queue is the fox, and behind her are the bunnies. The fox walks on the snow. Sometimes she takes bigger steps, sometimes smaller, and she can also jump off the ground or hop on one leg. The bunnies follow her and, so that their footprints are not visible in the snow, they must follow the same path as the fox. The aim of the game is to make sure that only the fox's footprints are visible in the snow, otherwise the fox can easily track and eat up the bunnies!

The next two games are similar, but in one we aim with the snow and in the other we aim at the snow!



Choose a tree to target with snowballs. You can also tick boxes to determine how many points each hit is worth. The snow is an accurate indicator of exactly where you hit the tree!



In this game, first place the snowballs one on top of the other to create a tall tower. Then aim at the tower with a harder object and try to bring it down. It's best to make it fall in as few hits as possible!



It sounds so contradictory that we might not even think about how great it is to bake cakes, cookies and tarts with snow. Bring cookie moulds, cupcake tins, sand shovels and pails to the snow. Toddlers can also bake great treats out of snow!

After all the snow play, a cup of hot chocolate and a sweet nap with a soft ninny like Aiko the bunny are just the thing!