38th week of pregnancy with Anja Tomlje

Anja Tomlje is on Instagram known as dearkitchen, is a mother to two boys and now pregnant in her 38th week. She talked to Ajda about her experiences with pregnancy, birth and about life with her family in Luxembourg where they have lived for the past three and a half years.

Preparing for childbirth with the family

She wants the birth to be as uncomplicated as possible. The first birth was very difficult and she then had a lot of fear, in the second she had a caesarean section due to health reasons, but now everything shows that the birth will be normal, so she exercises a little, eats healthily, drinks tea, meditates and does affirmations that everything will go as it should.

Kids grow up with four languages

Oldest son David speaks Slovenian, English, French and Luxembourgish; For the time being, Izak speaks less, but he understands Slovene, while they have French and Luxembourgish in kindergarten, so he probably understands that too. David had quite a leap into school, as he used to attend a private kindergarten in English and French, and then the school was in Luxembourgish - but even that David mastered in 9 months! Kids really do learn incredibly fast.

The support of social networks

A couple of months ago, Anja also talked on Instagram about less pleasant experiences, including a failed pregnancy. Now that she is close to the deadline, she has already processed the pain and tells herself that everything happens for a reason - that there was probably something wrong with the child with the abortion.

Spontaneous abortions and infertility are fortunately less and less a taboo topic. If you talk about it, you see that you are not the only one, that it happens often, and that in this experience no one is alone. It was also a consolation to her that she saw that she was not the only one in this, that a happy ending could come after all, that there were opportunities to consult with someone. This is a really good side of social media.

The magic period of the first 6 weeks

Anja is extremely looking forward to her first period with a child. In Luxembourg, it is in the maternity hospital that your partner can be with you at all times - he can even sleep in the maternity hospital. The time they will have there together is invaluable. They also planned for everyone to have 6 weeks off after the birth and to spend all their time together.

She finds this a truly magical time - even if she rents insomnia, and that it may be difficult when there are conflicts with her three children… but she is preparing for it and is really looking forward to these shared moments. Of the material preparations, carriers are indispensable for her, because she can then carry the newborn with her and at the same time take care of her older son. She also likes quality play mats where everyone can be together.

Advice for parents and future parents…

To take those 6 weeks off after the birth - to spend a good month in the family circle with a new member, to bond and also for mom to recover.