Wonderful Christmas gifts

This year's merry December is approaching, a magical time of gathering and gift-giving! At Minimellows, we've already rolled up our sleeves - ready to wrap presents, we've put together a list of ideas for the best St Nicholas and Christmas presents for children. 

Minimellows offers a range of gifts that are perfect for festive gift giving. The products are made with lots of love and always with the best for children in mind. Thank you for supporting local by buying a gift from Minimellows! Here are some December's gift ideas:


Panda night light

Lights at Christmas symbolise the stars, create the festive atmosphere as we know it and radiate the warmth of a merry December through the streets and homes. At Minimellows, it was with this in mind that we put the Panda Night Light at the top of our list of ideas for the best Christmas gift for children. With its cute design, the Panda light will adorn a child's room of any taste. With its discreet light, it gives your child a feeling of security and is the perfect solution for night feedings, so parents will love it too.

nocna lucka panda



Malmo the Deer

Malmo the Deer is certainly not one of those animals that hides away from the cold - it's in winter that he comes to life and snuggles up to the little ones with its soft fur. Its protruding horns are particularly cute, as is its bouncy texture, which stimulates babies' sensory development. Handmade in Slovenia, this comforter is made from the softest and certified materials. Malmo the Deer is sure to be the perfect Christmas gift idea that every child will love.

 jelencek malmo



Paulina the Cow

The real star of the Minimellows baby comforters is Paulina the cow. She is especially interesting for newborn babies, as they only see black and white for the first 6 weeks. Its spots encourage the development of vision and imagination and its softness, which calms the little ones and makes them get attached to it in no time. Paulina the Cow is a gift for children and will delight everyone who finds her under the tree.

kravica paulina



Bear Moccasins

If you're looking for a useful gift for children, the Bear Moccasins are a great practical idea. The name tells you how soft and warm they are - they'll feel like the comfort of a bear's paws on little feet! These slippers make a great Christmas present for babies and toddlers who are already walking. Apart from these, there are several other models in the Minimellows collection that can also be ordered as a gift pack with a comforter.

copatki medo



Wooden memory game

If you're looking for Christmas gift ideas that can be played with by slightly older toddlers and exercise their little brains, the wooden Memory Game is ideal. The game is travel-themed and contains interesting facts about the places, animals and other images in the illustrations. The game is available in Slovene, Croatian, English and German, so it makes a great Christmas present for relatives or friends abroad or who are eager to learn one of these languages.

lesena igra spomin