Group stroller-walking

Our today’s guest is Eva Kljun - a crazy instagrammer, known under the nickname "ostrokljun", a cute mum and the head of children's animations. Among other things, she told us about how the successful stroller-walking project started, how she humorously introduced her daughter to the arrival of her little sister through games and talked about the importance of mums taking time for themselves. 


A group of 50 stroller walkers!

Eva gave birth for the first time 4 years ago. As a mum, she had her own rhythm, which also affected the fact that she had no company, as all her friends had a different rhythm than her - they were going to work and had no children at the time. One day she posted on Instagam if anyone wanted to go for a stroller walk, and sure enough, 10 people showed up. But when she gave birth for the second time, she had already made a few mum friends, so it quickly got to 50!

She and Anja Suska started the project together. During the Mobility Week, the municipality of Nova Gorica had a project to provide psychosocial support to mothers during childbirth. They then joined forces and prepared a programme in which they gave short lectures, e.g. on the importance of exercise for mothers or to seek professional help in times of need. They also prepared a healthy breakfast in the park and many of them sat down after the event!

So, the start was in Nova Gorica, but there were also events in Ljubljana, Ajdovščina and Koper. Eva says Styria is her next mission! They announce the event one week before on Instagram. There is a link where mums can sign up and then get information about the exact location and time of the event. The walks last 45 minutes, and at the end some of the mothers have a chat, others go home or to run errands... It is important that the mothers go out and have company to talk to.


Getting to know the role of an older sister through play

There is a two-and-a-half year difference between Eva’s daughters Elizabeth and Victoria. Eva says that she has already introduced her older daughter to her sister's arrival through play. Even when Elizabeth was very young, she and Victoria involved her in games - for example, as a security guard! Or they would act out a situation where mummy was going to bring home a baby and then they would change diapers, take care of the baby. One night she also slept overnight with friends so that the baby could see what it would be like when mummy was in the maternity ward. Playing like this brings you closer to a completely new situation for the baby and for yourself.


The second time is easier!

For Eva, parenting for the second time is certainly easier. Now she already knows that there are constant changes and she has more certainty than before, which helps a lot even in difficult moments. When you have some experience with one child, you see that time passes at lightning speed and that even moments of crisis sometimes pass too quickly!

Taking time for ourselves is very important - also to spend as much time as possible with our children when we are with them. There are many benefits to children spending time with a wide variety of people, as they broaden their horizons and openness by getting to know different people.


A message to mums and mums-to-be

''Just breathe - everything will be fine. Even when it's the hardest, try to breathe and enjoy it as much as possible. Even 10 minutes in the shower can be a good time to take for yourself.''


dobrodelni november

To make the coming December a happy and festive one for children from socially disadvantaged families, Minimellows will once again be giving to charity this year! As part of the Charity November for a Merry December campaign, we are presenting beautiful creations by Slovenian designer and illustrator Ana Benulic - with all profits going to children from the Botrstvo programme in Slovenia.