After a long summer break, kindergarten and school children are back in full swing. With the start of the new school year, they put footwear on their bare feet and spend hours in them almost every day. To make those hours pass as comfortably as possible, a good choice of footwear for kindergarten or school is of great importance.

Whether it's dance class in kindergarten or walking to the school canteen, feet bear the full weight of the body every day and are constantly exposed to dexterity challenges and often awkward knocks from contact with the ground. What should one look out for when choosing the right children's footwear?



Feet grow quickly, but their nerve endings develop slowly. This is why toddlers often can't judge for themselves whether their shoes are too tight and need help when trying them on. There should be about an inch of space between the front of the foot and the shoe.

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Choosing a good quality material for your children's footwear is crucial as it affects their all-round quality.

  • To help children develop strong and flexible feet, it is a good idea to make sure that the slippers they wear in kindergarten and school are soft.
  • As children's feet sweat quickly, slippers should be made of natural materials such as leather or canvas to allow the feet to breathe.
  • It is also important that the sole is not slippery and allows the little one to step surely.

Make sure that the slippers fit the foot perfectly and do not slip off. 

Why choose Minimellows children's slippers?

Minimellows baby slippers are handmade in Slovenia from baby-safe 100% certified vegetable tanned EU leather, free of chrome. The leather fabric is extremely soft and this natural material is of the best quality that allows your feet to breathe.

Minimellows slippers are ideal for kindergarten and school as they have a soft elastic, which makes them easy to put on and prevents unintentional slipping off. They fit perfectly to the foot and the non-slip sole gives your child a safe and secure step.


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There are several different models available in the Minimellows footwear collection, all of which have been awarded the Best First Step Shoe Collection 🏆 Junior Design Awards, one of the top awards in the children's industry. The internationally award-winning Slovenian Minimellows slippers are made with lots of love and designed with all the qualities of good baby- and toddler footwear in mind.