Maša Črešnik: a short summer chat

Ajda had a quick summer chat with Maša Črešnik - a mum, instagrammer and photographer. They talked about family life, parenthood and motherhood.


Travelling with young daughter

My daughter Olivia is one and a half years old and travelling is not a problem for her. When they flew to Malaga not long ago, the little one slept throughout the three-hour journey. Every journey also depends on when they are leaving and how long the journey is. Travelling with her daughter is easy, but it always comes in handy to have some colouring books, cartoons and snacks on hand.


The best part of motherhood?

Her favourite are the mornings when everyone gets up in peace and the day starts with a family breakfast, when they are together at the table and for example planning how they are going to spend the day. She generally enjoys gathering together for breakfasts and dinners, and she loves this family moment at the table.


Parents learn a lot from their children

Parents also learn a lot from their children and "parenting mistakes" are almost inevitable. Maša says that things get on her nerves quickly and she sometimes overreacts. Sometimes she raises her voice too quickly or gets upset and sees that she is not getting what she wants in response from her daughter Olivia and then she feels guilty.

Children in the time of corona virus

Maša's daughter was born just a month before the epidemic was declared in March last year. This also had its advantages, as they spent a lot of time together at home. When the 13-month-old baby went to kindergarten, Maša initially had a bad conscience because she was working from home - but now she is very happy because she feels that the children get a lot out of kindergarten.  


Social networks and children

Maša uses social networks very cauciously when it comes to posts with pictures of her daughter. She is more relaxed about it now, but she is still careful and looking for a healthy limit.


Advice to parents and parents-to-be... 

...''Listen to yourself and your common sense!''




As Aiko the bunny snuggles into the little one's arms, they curl up in a soft embrace and drift off to a sweet sleep ♥