The body after childbirth

This time Nuša Gnezda shared with us her knowledge about the impact of pregnancy and childbirth on a woman's body and the exercises that are useful after childbirth. She is a personal trainer and expert in training women during pregnancy and after childbirth.


A woman's body after childbirth

Pregnancy and childbirth bring about big changes in the body and it's ridiculous to expect to be at the same point afterwards as we were before giving birth, which is why fewer and fewer women set their goal to lose weight immediately after giving birth. It is important to realise that the body needs its own rehabilitation time after childbirth, just like after an operation - it needs to rest and also to do certain exercises, for example, to strengthen the muscles that have weakened during pregnancy and childbirth.  


First exercises after childbirth

During pregnancy, activity is very welcome as long as the pregnant woman feels well. However, extremely strenuous exercise is not recommended because it may cause injury or pain later on.

After giving birth, it is important to strengthen the parts of the body that we cannot really see. Because we cannot see inside our bodies, we do not know exactly what is going on inside. Pregnancy and childbirth have a big impact on the body, so exercises after childbirth are very useful, as otherwise weaknesses can be noticed later. It is necessary to work with different protocols. Even in the maternity ward, we can start with breathing protocols that restore certain nerve connections.

It is very difficult to tell when the body is ready for more strenuous activities, such as a full day's skiing or a longer cycling trip. You need to prepare gradually and start slowly. Women often want to know when the body is ready for running, but we cannot know because we do not know what is going on in the body. The more we work on gaining back strength, the faster the body will be ready for more strenuous activities. We need to pay attention to our bodies and perhaps listen to them even better than we would otherwise. It's good to observe yourself and if you feel your legs aching, for example, stop and pause.


The most common problems after childbirth

Urinary incontinence is by far the most common problem, followed by diastasis recti and exhaustion. Lower back and joint pain are also common. It is generally very little talked about and many things remain hidden.

The risk of urinary incontinence is the same whether a woman has had a natural childbirth or a caesarean section - in both cases, pregnancy has occurred, the pelvic floor has been stretched, and hormones have run wild. Many people are familiar with Kegel exercises but do them wrong. The pelvic floor needs to be strengthened, but doing the wrong exercises only shrinks the muscle so that it cannot perform its function. The best way to relax the muscles is for example through breathing protocols.


Advice for mums and pregnant women to boost self-confidence 

"If you had to choose between health and a chiselled body, what would you choose?" - probably everyone, or at least those who have ever been deprived of 100% health, would choose health. 




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