Road trip with kids

In this episode, our guest is Janja from Pedosana - the centre of motor development of babies and children. She spoke with Ajda about the basic recommendations on how to go on a (longer) trip with a child, like a ride to the seaside in the upcoming holidays.

How to choose the right seat for your child?

Safety comes first, so it is most important that the car seat meets international safety criteria. For both the newborn and the baby, you should choose a shell that is not too big - that is, it does not need additional coils to support the hips and under the pelvis. Make sure your baby is properly restrained and well supported in the car seat.

When choosing a car seat for older children (18m+ or over 18 kg), it is best that they are present at the time of purchase, because they can try it out first and make it easier to choose the right one. The seat should be chosen based on weight and age as well as size, as it is important that the belt is set at the height of the shoulder girdle. In centres for motor development of babies and children like Pedosana, parents can usually make their first visit with the shell to consult individually on how they can properly install a car seat for their child.

Usually there aren’t dangers with the seats themselves - car seats from the store are practically all internationally certified. More important is how we install the seat. Less reliable are secondhand car seats, as the support cushions are made of materials such as Styrofoam or foam and break quicker if they have been used before.

When is it time to take a break on the road?

According to an unwritten rule, it is good to put the baby out of the shell at least briefly after 45 minutes of driving. By then, the baby's head is already slipping down, leaving him with poor blood circulation and too little oxygen. Whether the child is asleep or not, it is good to stretch a little at that time. In any case, you should take such a break at least after 90 minutes of driving.

If there is still enough space in the seat next to the child, you can place them there so that they are lying flat on their back. Simple exercises are enough, like circling with the child’s legs, massaging them a bit, circling with their pelvis, lifting them towards us or turning them on their stomach… If there is no space for that on the seat, they can also take their lying position well on our thighs. Of course, if you have enough time and will, a short walk on your break is also very welcome.


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