Why you got to have the tetra diapers for babies

Tetra nappies are high on the list of first aids for babies. Their versatility makes them indispensable for babies and parents alike, which is why they say you can never have too many. It is with great excitement that we introduce our new Minimellows muslin tetra nappies.

Tetra nappies are versatile

Muslin is one of the softest cotton fabrics. As cotton is rarely woven, the material is extremely breathable and lightweight - perfect for baby's delicate skin. They are ideal for baby's care and can be used as washcloths or swaddling nappies. Their softness and breathability make them soothing for baby's delicate skin and they also come in handy as a cover for shading on sunny days.

Muslin tetra nappies are made of very durable fabric and can withstand countless washings. That's why they are popular as baby burp cloths and as a cloth to lay the baby on during changing or feeding. Tetra nappies are also very handy and popular for discreet breastfeeding.

Minimellows muslin tetra nappies are extremely soft and absorbent, made from 100% cotton with OEKO-TEX® certification. They provide total breathability, softness and comfort. 

A set of high quality and durable tetra nappies is a great gift idea. The nappies are wrapped with a gift ribbon and arrive in a neatly packed eco-gift box. Both the nappies and the eco box they arrive in are made in Slovenia, with a lot of love for design, quality and usability. The tetra nappy range is available in the following combinations:


1. Pair of tetra nappies 

The package contains a set of 2 tetra nappies. They are wrapped neatly with a gift ribbon and in an eco gift box. Everything is made with lots of love in Slovenia!

tetra plenicke


2. Tetra nappy + greeting card

This pack contains 2 extra soft tetra nappies and a greeting card with a handmade illustration. It is the ideal gift for birth, as it gives space for a personal message and attention in the form of a greeting card, in addition to a practical gift.

tetra plenicki in cestita 


3. Tetra nappy + comforter

The perfection of the Minimellows tetra nappy and comforter pack lies in their extremely soft materials. Choose your favourite comforter to accompany your baby or toddler on everyday adventures with the set of 2 tetra nappies!



4. Tetra nappy + comforter + greeting card

Even a pair of tetra nappies with a comforter can be enhanced with a greeting card. If you wish, we will hand write your dedication in the greeting card and deliver the package to the address of the lucky recipient! 

ninica, cestitka, tetra plenicka


5. Tetra nappy with christmas card + comforter

To make sure that not only those who have a birthday at the most festive time of the year are at an advantage, there is of course also a combination of tetra nappies with a comforter of your choice and a Christmas greeting card. The Christmas greeting card is the perfect opportunity to express the warmth and heartiness of these winter festive days!

ninica, boz.cestitka, tetra plenicka