Urška Klajder: family and children's photographer


We spoke to Urška Klajder, a lovely mum and photographer, who has been creating beautiful memories in her studio Prisposobe for many years. She shared with us how she got into this profession and how it is to take photos of the little ones.


The path to becoming a professional photographer

Urška has always loved to create. She worked in an advertising agency, when she got to know the work of photographers. It was then that she got the desire to buy a camera and started attending training courses. At first she worked only for herself, but when her older son was born she took more and more photographs and then quickly said goodbye to the agency and set out on her own as a professional photographer.


Photographing families and children is a genre of its own

Good child and family photographers need to have a lot of patience and other competences that are crucial not only for good photos, but also for the photo shooting itself to go well. She says, if she didn't have children of her own, she probably wouldn't dare to do something like this!

Urška consults the parents in advance about the photo shooting itself. Children have a very short attention span and it's important that they are happy during the photo shooting and don't perceive what's happening as work or pressure. It is best if the children arrive at the studio unencumbered, as if they have ''come to visit Aunt Urška''. With older children, Urška makes contact by asking them questions and by talking to them, but with babies or even newborns, it is more up to the parents to keep their child relaxed during the photo shooting. A good general atmosphere during the filming is very important, because it is even more quickly noticeable with children if they are not relaxed.


Anecdotes from work ...

Urška experiences a lot of fun moments at her work! A format she offers in her studio is the so-called Cakesmash, where she takes pictures of the little ones with cake. Since very young children don't even know sweets yet, they don't always look forward to the cake right away. It has even happened that toddlers were afraid of it at first, or smashed it without knowing how delicious it was!


Working as a family photographer requires a lot of adapting to clients

Balancing her personal and business life is not easy for Urška. She has to adapt to the time demands of her clients, which is why she often works on weekends. However, she can say that now, compared to before, she is much more conscious about taking care of herself.


Personal growth as a mum

Urška never imagined that parenthood would ever have such a positive impact on her in terms of personal growth. She says that her children hold up a mirror to her every step of the way and her older son in particular is a good example of what she needs to work on.


Advice for mothers (to-be)

''Listen to yourself when parenting. It's good to be honest with yourself and figure out what you really want and what your values are and act accordingly.''




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