Urška Repnik: Breastfeeding and an online school for parents

In this week's episode we have Urška Repnik - breastfeeding consultant and founder and lecturer of the Veva online school for parents. Breastfeeding is a common and popular topic nowadays and she helps mums if they have problems with breastfeeding.


Breastfeeding - yes or no?

She is mainly approached by women who want to breastfeed, but she also sees mothers who want to stop breastfeeding and are looking for support to do so. ''I absolutely support a mother who does not want to breastfeed because it is her right''.There are times when it is better for a mother to choose not to breastfeed and she also helps women to do so.

Recommendations on the duration of breastfeeding vary widely. In Slovenia it is 1 year, in the world recommendations it is up to 2 years, in some other cultures it is more years. Urška's recommendation, however, is to breastfeed for as long as it suits both - mother and child. Both factors should be taken into account when deciding how long it is good to breastfeed. She believes that as a society we do not support mothers enough and we should respect their decisions more.


The recipe for more lactation?

There are cases where women cannot have enough milk for hormonal/physiological reasons. This may be due to thyroid extremes, if the breasts are not fully developed, or as a result of surgery. Many women could also breastfeed but do not have enough knowledge about it or do not know how to react at the right moment.

There are lactogenic foods that stimulate milk production, e.g. polenta, Greek hay, non-alcoholic beer, oatmeal, dry brewer's yeast, sesame bars. Drinking is also very important - 1.5 litres or 2 litres a day is a lower limit. Lactation is also stimulated by switching from breast to breast.   

In all this, it is also important to ask - how much milk is enough? If weight is increasing a little more slowly than expected, we should not be discouraged. We can also see if the baby has enough food by looking at the nappies. Everyone is breastfeeding at their own pace, and we should not be concerned if it is different from what we expected.


Online school for parents booms

Before the epidemic, Urška made home visits to help families after childbirth, among other things. She offered to do chores such as cooking lunch, hanging laundry and accompanying an older child to the playground. She also stepped back from this in the Corona situation because her online school for parents is so much more flourishing these days and she has a lot of work to do. She will now also be mentoring other counsellors and if all goes to plan, there will be 6-7 new trained breastfeeding counsellors next June!


Advice for mums

Urška thinks it would have made motherhood a lot easier for her at the time if someone had praised her for doing well and told her to take even better care of herself. At the time, she thought she had become a mother and that was all she was. But now she understands that being a mother is just one of her roles. I would advise that everyone should take that 15min time for themselves when they need it. "If you are ok, the whole family can be ok."   



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