📓Kako vidi novorojenček?

How do newborns see?

In the first year of life, babies learn to focus their gaze and use their eyes with precision and control. They also have yet to develop the abili...

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📓 5 zabavnih iger na snegu

5 fun games in the snow

When it's cold outside, it's tempting to spend the day at home in the warmth. It's true that the view of the snowy countryside is beautiful just wa...

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📓 Čudovita darila za božič

Wonderful Christmas gifts

This year's merry December is approaching, a magical time of gathering and gift-giving! At Minimellows, we've already rolled up our s...

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🎧 Eva Ostrouška : Skupinsko vozičkanje

Group stroller-walking

Our today’s guest is Eva Kljun - a crazy instagrammer, known under the nickname "ostrokljun", a cute mum and the head of fuldoro.s...

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🎧 Marko Puschner: Varnost otrok na internetu

Child safety on the Internet

This time our guest was Marko Puschner from the safe.si Internet awareness point, which is part of the Faculty of Social Sciences, about the safe ...

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