The story of Minimellows is filled with emotions and dates back to 2015, when I was pregnant. I remembered my own comforter from when I was a child, which accompanied me may years, and I still keep as a memory. It was my favourite toy to fall asleep with and with those beautiful memories, I went to search for a comforter I'd buy for my soon to be born child.

Despite all the stores and boutiques I searched, I haven't found any that'd take my breath away, that would be made in EU, from the finest materials and would offer somethingmore to the children. That's when I decided to sew one myself, as after all, I am a designer. I found the best possible materials, went through tons of research as to what encourages babies' development and so after some time, I have created the first Paulina the Cow comforter for my son.

Since then, Minimellows products have travelled around the world. They were exhibited as a part of the Ljubljana Design Month, they were part of the children's ZOOM Kindermuseum shop in Vienna and our moccasins have received a prestigious Junior Design Award.

All the Minimellows products are handmade in Slovenia, EU, from the best materials and with lots of love. And this is the quality we will always keep, as children deserve nothing but the best.

Ajda Rotar Urankar,
founder of Minimellows

Ajda Rotar Urankar


Minimellows were shown in the British VOGUE, Cosmopolitan, Design Month Ljubljana, ZOOM Kindermuseum Vienna shop and many other publications.

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