Paulina moccasins


These beautiful moccasins received a prestigious Junior Design Award for the BEST FIRST WALKER FOOTWEAR COLLECTION 🏆 which is one of the most significant recognitions for children’s products. 

Our super soft moccasins are perfect for babies, toddlers and older kids. They’re very breathable and therefore make the children’s feet feel comfortable and fresh. You can easily put them on due to the soft elastic band that makes the opening of the moccasins flexible and at the same time stretchy so that they don’t fall off the feet. 

Handmade in Slovenia with lots of love, from certified 100% EU vegetable tanned leather, without chrome.

They have a naturally soft sole and can be worn inside or outside in dry weather. The package is wrapped in a beautiful eco box, also made in Slovenia, which is meant for you to keep and save the memories, including our gorgeous moccasins, once your child outgrows them.

How to choose the correct size?
The moccasins are available in sizes for about 0 - 8 years old children. The sizes here are measured for the inside of the sole. It’s best you measure the exact size of the child’s foot, then choose the size that’s about 1 cm larger than the child’s foot.


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