Meet our ambassadors

David Urankar

David Urankar

Father of two boys, TV host, international model and actor. Former professional bobsleddriver and track athlete.

Sara Isaković

Sara Isaković

Olympic Silver Medalist, renowned performance psychologist. One of the first and biggest Minimellows fans.

Katja Bricelj

Katja Ražem

Medical Doctor, Obstetrician-gynecologist and mum-to-be. Loves unique, creative and high quality baby products.

How it all started

In the year 2015, when Ajda Rotar Urankar was pregnant with her first son, she remembered how fond she was of her comforter as a child. When she was born, her mom’s best friend gave it to her as a gift and it has stayed with her for many years. With that in mind, she wanted to find a perfect comforter for her baby. As a designer, she paid a lot of attention to how it looked, but what was equally important were the materials. She looked everywhere, but nothing really matched her expectations. So she decided to make her own. A perfectionist at heart, she found the finest materials and dug her head in research to fine tune every single detail. After all, she wanted only the best for her baby.

And so, she handmade the very first Paulina the Cow. Researches state that babies only see black and white for the first 6 weeks, so Paulina’s shapes were a perfect feature to stimulate babies’ development.

Paulina the Cow became so good at her job that we wanted to add more Minimellows to the clan, all with their unique features. With that in mind, Aiko the Bunny was born to encourage baby’s sensing with his soft dotted pattern, Pablo the Bear encourages imagination with his various shades of fabric as you change the direction of stroke, Panda Lina’s big contrasting eyes attract attention to the black and white babies’ world and Mr. Polar Bear’s shape makes him a perfect companion on all the trips.

Minimellows are for the curious little ones. For those, who are never tired of exploring. For those, who have their whole life ahead of them - for the future astronauts and teachers, for the writers and those whose professions have not even been invented yet. For the playful mini kids, whose imagination is greater than ours, and for those who will always keep us laughing with even the smallest things. Minimellows are for the fearless.

Super soft, free of harshness, handmade.

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