Minimellows are now sold in other baby boutiques around the world too: Children's Museum Vienna, Babadu, Moja Mala Sobica, and Luskarna.

Minimellows are for the curious little ones. For those, who are never tired of exploring. For those, who have their whole life ahead of them - for the future astronauts and teachers, for the writers and those whose professions have not even been invented yet. For the playful mini kids, whose imagination is greater than ours, and for those, who will always keep us laughing with even the smallest things. Minimellows are for the fearless.

This is how it all began. It's very personal from the start :) When I found out I was pregnant, I was over the moon! And every now and then I got that shopping rush, wishing to come home with some toys that will welcome my little baby once he decides that the world inside my belly is too small. But I always came home empty-handed. I wasn’t a fan of plastic, and those toys that had more than a rainbow of colors on them were never to my taste. So in the spare moments, I picked up a needle and plush. As my belly got bigger and I could only do limited sports, this was my favourite way to relax.

My baby’s first comforter was Paula the Cow. From the very beginning, he hugged her to sleep, covered his eyes when it was too light outside and stared at her black & white shapes over and over again (fun fact: apparently newborns only see black & white). When I saw how good Paula the Cow was at her job, I started making more and more plushies for him, word and photos spread quickly among friends, and suddenly I started making comforters & mobiles for others. I couldn’t be happier when I heard other parents how their little ones fell in love with their new plushy pals. It’s just such a joy seeing these little cuties happy! The only thing those unique comfys were then missing was a name.

Minimellows. Mini & mellow.
That’s what they are. Pleasantly soft mini joys, free of harshness, handmade.

Who's behind Minimellows? Browse my personal Instagram or see what the plushies are up to:

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